Heliox CCS 700V fast charger

Heliox CCS 700V fast charger

Dutch company VDL Bus and Coach delivered one of its first electric buses, Citea Electric, to Swedish transport operator Byberg & Nordin.

According to Green Car Congress, the bus will be using a DC fast charger with Combined Charging System (CCS) plug - the same as in case of cars.

Manufacturer of the charger, Heliox, offers power up to 120 kW at 700 V DC.

120 kW is on par with Tesla Superchargers.

Heliox offers higher power (up to 500 kW chargers for buses), but those utilize pantographs.

Here is video presenting VDL Citea Electric from last year ago (in Dutch - Mod Edit: or rather in German):

Source: Green Car Congress

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