Mitsubishi Concept XR PHEV II

Mitsubishi Concept XR PHEV II

Mitsubishi Motors, after several weak years, has returned back to profitability. Plug-in electric cars are one of pillars of success together with trucks and crossovers, according to Mitsubishi President Tetsuro Aikawa. In Europe alone, most of the sales growth comes from the Outlander PHEV.

Major actions taken by Mitsubishi in recent years were:

  • minimized the development of sedans and focusing on SUVs and pickup trucks (don't expect new generation Evo)
  • selling a European plant
  • closing an Australian plan
  • weaker yen support short term profitability of Japanese production
  • introducing Outlander PHEV
2015 is expected to bring record sales for Mitsubishi in Europe. Mitsubishi expects to reach profitability in North America in the fiscal year ending March 31.

What's next for plug-in hybrids from Mitsubishi?

  • updated Outlander PHEV will be launched in 2016 fiscal year, starting April 1
  • In US, sales of this new Outlander PHEV will begin about a year from now, so early 2016
  • In 2017, we should see a plug-in version of new ASX (also known as Outlander Sport or RVR)
Source: Automotive News

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