Dante Richardson and Tesla Model S

Dante Richardson and Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors recently released a new article in its website's Customer Stories section, in which it presents Dante Richardson's experience with the Model S.

Dante received his car in December 2012, but at the time he had to set off on a trip from Washington DC to Miami, FL (over 1,000 miles).

The first 1,000 miles was just the beginning of long journey. His Model S' mileage now exceeds 120,000 miles (almost 200,000 km).  Dante has told us that the Tesla story is rather outdated. His mileage now exceeds 132,000.

Tesla revealed that this mileage is more than any other Tesla owner on the planet!

Judging by the positive feedback about software updates, free Superchargers and of course general performances, we believe that the car still runs spectacular.

"After 120,000 miles, Richardson is well accustomed to life in Model S. “I’m always in the car!” He lists acceleration, handling, cold-weather performance, and storage space as his car’s standout benefits. But the killer advantage is a driving life that no longer revolves around gasoline."

“Over the long term, it’s really so pleasant to wake up to a car that is full of fuel.”

While 120,000 miles is a lot to rack up in such a short timeframe, there's at least one Chevrolet Volt owner with well over 230,000 miles on the odometer and likely hundreds of LEAF owners with higher mileage than this particular Model S.

Source: Tesla Motors

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