Tesla UMC - Model S (US)

Tesla UMC - Model S (US)

In an effort to boost struggling sales in China, Tesla Motors will toss in a free Universal Mobile Connector with all Model S purchases.

The UMC, along with a long list of available adapters, allows the Model S to charge from virtually any outlet.  This is especially important in China were finding a proper place to plug in can be challenging.

As Car News China reports:

Tesla China has issued a press release, announcing every Tesla Model S in China will be equipped with a new ‘Universal Mobile Charger’ for free. Tesla says the charger is developed especially for China, and that it is part of a new effort to adjust Tesla products to the local Chinese market.

The set is meant to enable Tesla drivers to charge their Model S everywhere in country in case of emergencies, including in shopping malls and hotels. Tesla says it wants to alleviate the “charging worry” (充电无忧) among current and potential-future Tesla owners. The set will become available this summer, it will be standard on new cars and free for current owners.

Obviously, the UMC available in China differs from the U.S. version show above.

Source: Car News China

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