BMW i3 REx In Japan

BMW i3 REx In Japan

According to Car & Driver, BMW's Klaus Fröhlich, board member of research and development, made a few statements on the future of electric cars at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Here's what Fröhlich stated:

“We purposely began with very small numbers, but the upcoming 3-series plug-in hybrid will offer almost all of the characteristics of an electric .”

“In the compact segment, there will be stable demand for battery-electric vehicles, but larger cars will still need an internal-combustion engine in the midterm.”

" the long run, internal-combustion engines will regress to the function of an auxiliary power unit.”

Fröhlich closed with this comment:

“We are now working with the third generation of electric powertrains. The fourth one is under development, and the fifth is in our strategy. You can assume that we won’t wait for other , but drive technological change in an active manner.”

So, BMW is now looking to lead the drive towards electrification!

Source: Car And Driver

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