Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV

All-electric range and price are often considered two of the most important factors while deciding which plug-in electric car to purchase.

Here we have a graphical presentation of both parameters for all EVs available in the US (or formerly available), ordered by range.

All-electric range value comes from the EPA (official or expected in case of Volvo). Prices, on the other hand, include destination charge and tax credit (from few thousands up to $7,500 depending on model).


Only Tesla offers true long range of over 200 miles. Then we have a big break and a lot of models with small differences in range. Battery-electric cars ends at the i-MiEV at 62 and then we see a bunch of plug-ins with on-board engines.

Plug-In Vehicle Pricing – United States

Plug-In Vehicle Pricing – United States


Things aren't as simple in the case of price, because we have different classes of cars (from base to luxury) with different market approaches (series production or compliance).

Exact prices for each model can be found at our Compare Plug-Ins card.


Pricing for most plug-ins (after the tax credit) are below $35,000. Plug-in hybrids are usually more expensive than the corresponding all-electric models.

Kia Soul EV with its 93 miles of range, in the absence of the discontinued Toyota RAV4 EV, offers the highest range after Tesla, yet costs less than $28,000. Most BEVs are around 80 miles of EPA range. PHEVs typically have 11-20 miles of range.

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