Continental announced the launch of its new generation of more compact power electronics scheduled to arrive this August.

It will have more power and efficiency in a smaller size and at a lower weight (just around 8 kg/18 lbs).

We don't know for which models Continental will supply these new power electronics, but it will be plug-in hybrids.

"Third generation with six times the power and a reduced weight

"In addition to the functionality and efficiency of the power electronics, the space requirements and weight are important criteria for automotive manufacturers. This is why we are constantly working on further increasing our system's power to size ratio," says Axel Weber, Head of Power Electronics Development in the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Business Unit. "The third generation of our power electronics is six times more powerful than the first generation. This means that it can operate an engine six times as powerful. The system's weight has also been reduced from around 12 kg originally to around 8 kg today." He also states that the costs in relation to power (price per kW) have also decreased considerably and the development time has been shortened. By contrast, the range of application has become even broader. "The new system generation will enter series production in the summer in plug-in hybrids. But it can also be used in all-electric vehicles as well as in all vehicle segments right up to powerful sports cars," says Weber. And other Continental systems are also set to benefit from the further increase in expertise regarding e-mobility. "Our '48 Volt Eco Drive' is largely based on experience gained in the development of power electronics. And naturally, our latest findings and innovations will be incorporated into the 48-V technology." The Continental expert also appears in a new video that illustrates the function of the power electronics and explains the innovations of the third generation."

You can check out video on Continental's new power electronics by clicking here.

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