"This is a video just giving you a few tips on how to drag race your Tesla Model S P85D for maximum performance. Also how to get a good race because most will not want to possibly get beat by an electric car, especially if Go-pro's are already attached." -Video's description. 

The video above discusses what you should and should not do when racing your Tesla Model S P85D.

This video is similar to the 7 rules when racing your Dodge Challenger or Charger SRT Hellcat.

The gist: Put the Model S in "Insane" mode, and when the light turns green, mash the accelerator pedal… Thank you Nick Howe!

The P85D is up against a turbocharged S197 Mustang GT from the 2005-09 timeframe. Being familiar with the Mustang community, we're still not sure what was actually under the hood of that Mustang… You'd be surprised how crazy (in a good way) some of these Mustang-ers are!

Regardless, the Mustang was no match for the 691 horsepower, 5,000 LBS Model S P85D.

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