Monday March 10th

Monday's itinerary began with a morning trip to the Acoma Pueblo, America's oldest continually inhabited city at over 1,000 years old.

After the visit and lunch it was time to start heading home, and here is where the day got really interesting.

What was supposed to be a 6-10 hour drive to somewhere around Kingman Arizona turned into a "hey honey, lets go spend the night on the Vegas strip" Next stop, Vegas please!

The complete flexibility of the BMW i8 to go anywhere at anytime, without a plan, on a whim, allowed us go to Vegas.

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What an amazing light show outside the car! Inside the BMW i8 there is also an amazing light show going on. Inspired by the strip we begin playing with the cabin lights of the i8. There are three color settings, White, blue and orange, with the intensity and brightness selected by the user. This light experiance was also on the BMW Mini-E and the drivers loved it. Just a beautiful and fun cabin to be driving around the Southwest.





About the trip stats to date.

Trip Stats

Trip Stats

1500 miles at 31.4 mpg.

Yes, a lot of cars can road trip America's great sights at great length getting 30+mpg...that alone does not distinguish the BMW i8 over other cars.

Yes, a rare few cars can go 0-60 in 3.6 seconds or over 155 mph (Car and Driver,)...that alone does not set the i8 above others.

Yes, a few cars can drive electric only for shorter daily commutes to work and back, as well as for around town and out for dinner...that alone does not set the i8 apart from the rest.

Yes, some cars are comfortable road touring cars refined in luxury, cradling their owners with an incredibly vibration and road noise free cabin at 85 mph... that does not set the i8 apart.

Yes, some cars are just so beautiful, they can draw from the observer and the driver alike, an emotional response of lust and desire... that does not set the i8 apart.

Yes, some cars can drive like a beast from hell, hurling their occupants around the cabin, to the back of their seats with great force, in full throated roar with a voice that seams to challenge the asphalt in a "I'm gonna kick your butt" mentality...that does not set the i8 apart.

Yes, some cars are made out of carbon fiber and feature gull wing doors... that does not set the i8 apart.

Yes, some cars are both a machine to get from point A to point B as well as being a work of Industrial Artistry...that alone does not set the i8 apart.

What sets the BMW i8 apart?

What sets the BMW i8 apart, what makes it in this owners opinion, one of the greatest values in the automotive world, is that is does all of the above in an amazing combination of qualities heretofore unseen in the automotive world.

Sometimes Bocelli's on the Harmon Kardon, soothing you softly when driving around the spiritual vortexes of Sedona in electric mode. Sometimes it's Pink, swearing at you though the speakers as you flick the lever into beast mode and attack the twisty's.

Never have I seen a car with such a dynamic range of personalities as the BMW i8. It has been described by many journalist as having twin personalities; being able to drive in stealth mode as well as being driven as a supercar.

I say it has dynamic wide ranging personalities and capabilities.

Truly an amazing car and worthy of it's premium price.

As a two EV owner the past five years with no gasoline cars in the family, I guess you could say this trip is a little over the top with it's gasoline use. Perhaps overcompensating for 5 years of range limitations!

It is, but it also is a reminder that driving and exploring this great country of ours, connecting with people from all walks of life is very enjoyable and a part of the driving experience. We're getting close to being able to do that in an all electric fashion and I look forward to being able to do so in a package like the i8 in the future.

We are witnessing the early stages of most amazing transition in the history of transportation.

Julie and I are blessed, have worked very hard, and made the choices required to to be able to have BMW i3's as our daily drivers racking up over 20,000 miles a year with electricity provided by sunshine.

It is an indulgence and special treat to own the BMW i8 for evenings out on the town and special trips such as this.

We realize our good fortune and share it with our community robustly.

There is room in life for the indulgences, emotions and passions that when in balance with other life values, makes life so worth living.

The last 5 hour drive from Vegas to home begins in one hour.

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