Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

According to Drive, Tesla has "revealed its upcoming Model X SUV will be priced from under $100,000 in Australia" when it goes on sale there in 2016.

Drive spoke with Tesla marketing chief Ricardo Reyes at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.  Reyes revealed that the Model X will be "the equivalent price" of the Model S, which starts at $95,000-ish in Australia:

"The SUV will be the equivalent price."

"It will be the equivalent of a premium SUV just like the Model S is the equivalent of a premium sedan."

"We will release it to the market in quarter three of this year and then we would have to see when it follows in Australia, but probably 2016 at some point."

According to Reyes, the Model X will be very similar to the Model S:

"Everything we're going to learn from Model S is going to go into Model X, and everything we learn from Model S and Model X is going to go into Model 3 we're also developing."

"We're not holding anything back so that we suddenly explode onto the market with all-new stuff. Everything we learn, all the technology, we're going to build into the and then we're going to build it into Model X."

"It's a constant integration process."

Lastly, if you check out Tesla's Model X page, you'll note that battery sizes (previously 60 kWh and 85 kWh and vehicle configurations) are no longer listed.  Could it be that the Model X is getting a bigger battery option then the current Model S?  We think so.

Tesla Model X Info

Tesla Model X Info

Source: Drive

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