Aoxin Ibis & Tesla Motors logo (Source: <a" draggable="false">

Aoxin Ibis & Tesla Motors logo (Source:

Wtih Tesla Model S sales in China lagging compared to Tesla's targets, a Chinese company called Aoxin New Energy decided to introduce its own Tesla look-alike electric car.

Meet the Aoxin Ibis, which is the ugliest Tesla clone we've ever seen. Aoxin Ibis seems angry too.

According to, Aoxin Ibis was unveiled in 2014 at the New Energy Auto Show in Shanghai (NEAS) and sales will begin in the second half of this year. Pricing should be announced later this month.

Not only the car resembles the Tesla, but even the logo.

Aoxin Ibis (Source: <a" draggable="false">

Aoxin Ibis (Source:

Inside you will find a digital dashboard and center console, although smaller than in the Tesla.

The chassis is made out of aluminum and carbon fiber. Weight of the car is 1,830 kg (4,034 lbs), so much lower than the Tesla.

Range at constant speed 60 km/h (37 mph) stands at 520 km (323 miles), while Model S can go over 700 km (450 miles).. Real world ranges probably will be at least 25% lower. As everything in the Aoxin Ibis is downgraded, performance is much weaker:

"Now for power! Aoxin claims the Ibis has three electric motors, all powering the rear wheels. Main motor sits on the rear axle, supplemented by a hub motor in each rear wheel. Total output is a slightly disappointing 181hp and 340nm, good for a 152 km/h top speed. Range however is very impressive with 460 kilometer by normal use, and 520 kilometer by a 60 kilometer per our average speed (this odd 60 km/h measurement is used by many Chinese electric-automakers). The motors get their juice from a 360V triple-lithium polymer battery, located under the floor of the vehicle. Specs via Aoxin."


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