Clearly, the P85D travels in elite circles. But even with the regular all-wheel-drive 85D ($75,500), this is the sexiest, coolest green car out there." - Consumer Reports. 

Consumer Reports recently got a shiny new AWD Tesla Model S P85D and now gives us their initial impressions of the electric Tesla. CR wants to "break it in" for ~2,000 miles before they do any serious driving with it.  Thus, this report focuses more on the AWD system, and the newest Model S tech goodies, rather than on the P85D's impressive acceleration figures.

Check this out:

Consumer Reports' (OLD) Tesla Model S 85 kWh RWD.

Consumer Reports' (OLD) Tesla Model S 85 kWh RWD.

"Initially, the Model S lacked such advanced safety features as lane-departure warning, active cruise control, blind-spot detection, and automatic emergency braking. With the optional $4,250 Tech Package and Autopilot, the Model S can now have all those features.

Tesla announced that an upcoming software update will endow the car with some self-driving capabilities, such as parking on its own and leaving its parking space to come pick you up. But this impress-the-friends trick is supposed to be done on private property only."

CR seems to enjoy the latest Model S configurations and features. Who wouldn't? 691 horsepower. 3.1 seconds to get from 0-60 mph!

We now wait for CR's actual full report and the long-term report(s)...

In the mean time, you can read CR's initial impressions on the Tesla Model S P85D by clicking here.

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