Trippin' in the BMW i8

*Note: There will be several occasional updates during the trip.

Every year, Julie and I try to take a week long road trip connecting with great places and great people across the country.

Typically, over the past five years driving all electric cars, we would trade our electric car with a family member and drive their gas car for a long trip, or we would rent a car for these long vacations.

This year, we drive our new BMW i8 on an epic road trip to some of the most picturesque scenery in the American Southwest.

BMW i8 All Packed Up

BMW i8 All Packed Up

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March 6th


Two "i" bags, a camera, a tech case with two laptops and an ipad plus assorted cords and one small carry on. The two "i" bags fit perfectly in the rear storage area under the parcel hatch. The rest of the gear, on the passenger side rear behind the front seat.

Day one, 7.5 hours in the i8 driving 450 miles from Carlsbad Ca, to Sedona Arizona. Average speed 80 mph, 32mpg, significantly above the EPA rating of 28. The i8 is a super comfortable grand touring car with very agreeable seats, soft and comfortable riding in comfort mode across the desert.

Funny Story

Pull up to the border patrol check point, the officer asked if I could launch it off the line so he could see what it could do. This is a law enforcement officer asking me to be a hooligan and drive fast. It's not going to be a normal road trip. I left the line in silent electric mode with Julie laughing! I had his permission to be Michael Schumacher and I choose to be an Electronaut. Julie says I should have punched it in sport mode.

On the way to Yuma, Julie leans over and snaps a pic of the HUD. Speed, cruise control and navigation pictured.

BMW i8 Heads-Up Display

BMW i8 Heads-Up Display

When you open the gull wing doors of the BMW i8, it's like opening an invitation to conversations about the future. Gas stations and Starbucks empty out to come see the car.

A sweet little 5-year-old girl asks "Are you from the future?" We respond by saying the future is here and you are looking at it. Big smile and love from the little girl.

BMW i8 Draws Huge Crowd

BMW i8 Draws Huge Crowd

Gettin' Dirty

Dang, that really sucks big time... Huge dried dirt clods come off of the SUV in front of us, bounce on the road...splatters across the front of our car and windshield. A couple of very small pits in the windshield and a small nick in the drivers side mirror. Should buff out.

Pit stop at BMW dealership in Phoenix to wash the car (lots of bugs). Julie and I have lunch at the nearby Irish pub, while dozens at the dealership come out to look at a dirty car.

It finally gets hand-washed. Thanks BMW of Phoenix!


Sedona. Amazingly beautiful place. We stop for a photo of the BMW i8 at the Red Rocks. We're not alone, as there are about two dozen other photog's getting pictures of the Red Rocks at sunset. You guessed it, soon they are all taking pictures of the BMW i8 with the Rocks in the background as well. It was like a super model arrived on the catwalk and they were all photogs for a glamor magazine. Julie says we need to leave as we are meeting our daughter and her boyfriend in Sedona.

The BMW i8 is safely put to bed at the Los Abrigados Resort.

Shopping and dinner at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village.

More to come in tomorrow's adventures...Stay tuned!

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