SM3 Z.E. in the fleet of Seoul Taxi Association

SM3 Z.E. in the fleet of Seoul Taxi Association

Renault Samsung Motor announced a sales goal of 1,000 electric cars this year in South Korea to ultimately become the electric car industry leader in the country.

In 2014, they sold 309 SM3 Z.E. (in Europe known as Renault Fluence Z.E.) out of 1,183 total sales in South Korea. The only other EV in South Korea that beat the SM3 Z.E. was the Kia Soul EV with 414.

It's expected that this year the market will grow by almost three times to some 3,000 electric cars, which would give SM3 Z.E. a third of total sales if it hits the 1,000 unit target.

Renault Samsung Motor plans to increase sales by introducing more electric taxis in Seoul.

Park Dong-hoon, sales chief and vice president of Renault Samsung, stated:

"The company's annual sales goal for the year of 1,000 units is about one-third of the amount that the government is looking to have people purchase this year."

"Our ambition is to become an industry leader in the South Korean electric car market."

"The electric vehicle market in South Korea is still quite limited as the customers' decision to purchase these cars is based mostly on how much of a government subsidy is given rather than looking at the pros of the car models themselves,"

"The current lack of charging stations, as well as the law restrictions of installing them near apartment buildings and similar living quarters here, are also problems that need to be dealt with in order to expand the electric vehicle market."


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