When Yahoo examined Consumer Reports' "Top Picks For 2015" it found that two "American" plug-in electric cars made the list.

Selected as the "Best Car Overall," the Tesla Model S is a repeat winner in 2015, once again topping the list of all cars evaluated by Consumer Reports.

Yahoo is looking only for "American" brands listed as "Top Picks" and the Model S fits that billing.  Here's what Yahoo says:

Best overall: Tesla Model S

That’s right: Consumer Reports’ top-scoring car is not only all-American, it’s all-electric. Real-world usable electric range makes the Model S a viable choice for many well-heeled buyers, as proven by class-leading sales figures. But the Model S isn’t just a great electric car, it’s a great car, period. Handling and ride comfort rank among the best. An innovative interior seats up to seven and has a giant, well-designed touchscreen for most controls. Continual updates from both over-the-air software and new hardware help keep the Model S out in front. Now, the addition of available all-wheel drive and advanced safety features further add appeal.

2015 Chevy Volt

2015 Chevy Volt

But there's one more "American" plug-in electric car that made the "Top Pick" list.  It didn't win the "Green Car" category (that honor went to the long-time winner, the Toyota Prius), but it still managed to make it onto Consumer Reports' "Top Pick" list:

Green car: Chevrolet Volt

No car has ever quite beaten the Toyota Prius at its own game. Instead, the Chevrolet Volt plays by a different set of rules. The extended-range plug-in has 35 miles of electric-only range, which enables many drivers to commute gas-free. Owner satisfaction remains second only to Tesla among owners of fuel-efficient cars. Attractive leases make the high sticker price easier to swallow. A 2016 redesign promises more electric-only range, simpler controls, and a fifth seating position. Reliability of this high-tech car has been average.

Editor's Note:  We will forgive the outfit for not knowing the Chevrolet Volt's range was officially expanded to 38 miles in 2013, and unofficially to around 40 miles in 2015 (with slightly larger 17.1 kWh battery pack).

So, those are the only two "American" plug-in electric cars listed as "Top Picks" for 2015 by Consumer Reports.  "American," by Yahoo's definition, would exclude vehicles like the Nissan LEAF, which is American-built, but Japanese owned.

Source: Yahoo & Consumer Reports

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