Erick Belmer, proud owner of the highest mileage Chevrolet Volt, posted a story that we think shows the connection that most electric car owners share.

We're all connected in this by our love for electric cars, right?

Here's Belmer story:

Helping fellow Volt owner with a flat.

In Warren, Ohio it's pothole boulevard and 4 vehicles had damaged tires from the pot holes. One was a Volt, so I had to help!

I have a full size spare and a floor jack in my Volt since I drive such a distance daily. He was very grateful! I smiled and told him, "We're Volt Owners! We're Family!"

Or, we're LEAF owners! We're family!  Or, better yet, we're electric car owners.  We're family!

There's a certain degree connection between electric car owners, even if total strangers to one another.  Belmer's story captures this perfectly.  Belmer continues:

"I travel a lot, so I have extra wheels and tires for both my Volt and my wife's Volt. I carry one with me in my travels as long as I don't have my daughter with me. I have Pirrelli runflat tires on my wife's Volt."

Travel a lot he does, racking up 220,000 miles on his Volt since taking ownership in March 2012.  Belmer logs approximately 220 miles a day, with a single longest trip of 430 miles in one day.

We wonder, do you have a similar story where you assisted an electric car owner in need mostly because the car they drive is electric?  Tell us your story in Comments below.

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