Nissan and Endesa sign pledge to promote V2G in Europe

Nissan and Endesa sign pledge to promote V2G in Europe

Nissan and Endesa announced at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show a collaboration on Vehicle-To-Grid technology, which enables charging the batteries and feeding energy back to the grid if needed.

Endesa already has developed a "low-cost" two-way charger for the LEAFs and e-NV200 (or basically any other CHAdeMO compatible vehicle) and together with Nissan it demonstrated the V2G system on March 12 in Madrid, Spain.

The next step will be promotion of such systems in Europe to ultimately introduce them on the market.

"The two companies have pledged to work together to deliver a V2G system and an innovative business model designed to leverage this technology.

Nissan- the world leader in EV sales with over 160,000 Nissan LEAF sold globally- is turning a page in zero emission mobility, and releasing the full potential of electric vehicle (EV) batteries with the Endesa two-way charging technology. It's all part of Nissan's commitment to support the entire EV ecosystem, not just the car..

The two companies have agreed to collaborate on the following activities:

- Introduction of V2G services in the European market; - Exploring the use of ‘second life' EV batteries for stationary applications (including households, buildings, grid);

- Designing and evaluating potential affordable energy and mobility pack offers;"

The main idea behind V2G is to use energy from batteries to assure grid stability or power the home or business. The concept still needs to be validated as a viable solution. Cost of two-way chargers are much higher than standard Level 2 charging points and need special management systems.  Additionally, part of the energy is lost by charging and discharging batteries, which reduces cycle-life.

Paul Willcox, Chairman of Nissan Europe, stated:

"We believe this innovation represents a significant development for Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 customers. Every Nissan electric vehicle battery contains a power storage capability that will prove useful in contributing towards smarter and responsible management of the power demand & supply of local power grids, thus reducing our EV total cost of ownership. Not only does this represent an opportunity for Nissan's EV private and fleet owners, it could also support grid stability and fully demonstrate that each Nissan EV represents a tangible social asset."

Javier Uriarte, Head of Market Iberia at Endesa said:

"The flexibility offered by V2G implementation in terms of storing and releasing green energy into the grid will further enhance the already significant and tangible benefits of electric mobility. This is why Endesa, together with its parent company Enel and partner Nissan, have decided to join efforts in promoting this technology."

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