The folks over at DragTimes have appointed themselves with the task of pitting the Tesla Model S P85D against seemingly every high-performance ICE car out there.

This matchup see the P85D square off against the Ferrari F12.

Here's DragTimes' brief description of the race:

We attended a private track rental put on by ADV1 at Palm Beach International Raceway where we setup a race between the Tesla Model S P85D and their Ferrari F12. Could the 691HP Tesla Model S P85D use it’s all wheel drive advantage to hold off the 730HP V12 powered, rear wheel drive Ferrari F12 down the 1/4 mile?

While the Tesla pulled a great reaction time of .06, continued on with a 0-60 MPH time of 3.1 seconds and a 1/4 mile time of 11.6 @ 115 MPH, it wasn’t enough to fend off the Ferrari. The Ferrari F12 came on very strong and won by .52 seconds running very impressive 10.8 @ 132 MPH on regular street tires, no drag radials needed.

Source: DragTimes

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