A family with a Tesla Model S 85D (Dual-Motor, AWD) ventures out on a road trip from Seattle - Atlantic City.

The family mainly relied on the large network of Superchargers, with just a couple L2 charging station stops aong the way.

Total miles driven: 3,231 miles at an average of 325 wh/mi, all without a drop of gas!

This proves that, once again, the Model S is a highly capable road-trip vehicle. The long range, coupled with a short, 30-minute charging time, makes the Model S the most road-trip capable electric car.

We can't overlook that it has lots of room for cargo too.

Hypermiling? Ain't nobody got time for that! - <em>4:56 mark</em>.

Hypermiling? Ain't nobody got time for that! - 4:56 mark.

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