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Test and Tune night at Farmington Dragway (1/8th mile), 2015-04-17.

Quietest drag race ever...

P85D: 7.415 @ 93.218 MPH P85: 8.170 @ 87.621 MPH

P85D 60': 1.654s P85 60': 1.938s

P85D 330': 4.775s P85 330': 5.348s

P85 reaction: 0.224s

P85D reaction: 0.336s

Description for video above:

Second run of the P85D and P85. First time vs the P85 with my fiance driving.

Slip at end of video.

Both dash cams from both cars plus a suction cup GoPro in PIPs.

Video from sidelines was shot by my friend Eric.

While both versions of the Model S are quick off the line, it's obvious the P85D has the advantage.

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