Motiv Power Systems will be providing an all-electric delivery van alternative from a Ford F59 stripped chassis.

The van has a 22,000 lb GVWR capability, so it's likely to be the 208" wheelbase version. Some details include:

<a href=Ford's F59 Stripped Chassis, to give you a comparison to Motiv's electric version." draggable="false">

Ford's F59 Stripped Chassis, to give you a comparison to Motiv's electric version.

  • Motiv's Electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS).
  • ~ 100 mile range
  • 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on the electric powertrain chassis
  • Universal charging compatibility.
  • Secure remote telematics and diagnostics.
  • Heating and air conditioning system.
According to Motiv, its all-electric powertrain systems "have shown a reduction of total operating costs by up to 87 percent compared to diesel trucks." That's huge for fleets, where operating costs are a constant focus..

Jim Castelaz, Motiv Founder and CEO states:

"AmeriPride is once again demonstrating their leadership in advancing cost-effective zero-emission vehicles, by placing an order to put cutting edge vehicle technologies on the road." 

"Today, the vast majority of trucks and buses are completely dependent on fossil fuel. Combine this with unpredictability of fuel prices and increasing health concerns over toxic emissions and their contribution to climate change and it's clear that a shift is needed. We look forward to demonstrating that these zero-emission electric trucks are just as reliable and durable as diesel ones, with much lower total cost of ownership."

Motive Does Electric Buses Too

Motive Does Electric Buses Too

The F59 stripped chassis was chosen because of its durability, reliability, functionality/capabilities, and popularity.

The ePCS is installed "via ship-through and requires minimal modification to the body and final vehicle design while maintaining performance. It includes universal charging compatibility and secure remote telematics and diagnostics."

One of Motiv's achievements is a "2014 Best of What’s New award by Popular Science magazine in the Green Technology category."

This new all-electric van should be a success.

In case the name Motiv doesn't ring a bell, here's a bit of background:

"Founded in 2009 and based in Foster City, CA, Motiv Power Systems designs and builds an electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) and All-electric Powertrain for commercial truck and bus chassis used in all-electric versions of vehicles such as box trucks, flat-bed trucks, refrigerated trucks, utility/service trucks, shuttle buses, school buses, delivery vehicles and refuse trucks. In 2014, Motiv was awarded a Best of What's New Award by Popular Science, and named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc Magazine, and the Silicon Valley Business Journal."

And Garbage Trucks!

And Garbage Trucks!

Source: Motiv.

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