Similar to what Tesla Motors is already doing to its Model S, Bosch Mobility Solutions presents a self-driving (autonomous) concept in which a vehicle will drive itself.

Bosch just so happens to be using a Tesla Model S for this demonstration and call the procedure "Automated Driving".

The video is self-explanatory, though we should note that it's just a demonstration of what Bosch's actual system might look/function like.  This system is not fully developed, nor is it capable of full autonomous drive as shown in the video.  This simply presents Bosch's concept.

Note that the interior layout is all special effects; During the 3:30 mark in the video, the camera passes the Model S, and none of it is there. The video is simply to present the idea.

Per the video description:

"Welcome to Bosch's vision for a highly automated car and its unique driving experience. The concept vehicle shows how the interaction between an automated vehicle and its driver could work. Accompany Philip, a young professional, on his journey to the airport, and see how the user interface of his vehicle handles different phases of manual and automated driving – making Philip's journey safe, relaxing, productive and entertaining."

We wonder when & if this concept will ever be launched, and how it will be retrofitted to vehicles currently on the road.

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