InsideEVs - Now Faster And More Reliable

InsideEVs - Now Faster And More Reliable

Hi there...welcome back.

Many people might have noticed that while InsideEVs has continued to report all the plug-in news over the weekend, the community/comment functions had been disabled.  (And no, we didn't finally decide to just mute everyone)

2014 was a very busy year for us, we grew a lot ... and apparently we were read a lot more.

It turns out we grew so much that our old server digs were unable to keep up with the traffic, and the whole thing started to slow down a little.

To rectify this, we moved to a new, much larger (and faster server) over the weekend, temporarily disabling the comments.

Other than faster load times and a few tweaks here and there, everything should be back to business as usual ... so go ahead and once again start pointing out all the grammatical errors I am famous for!

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