Big oil

Big oil

Alejandro Agag, the CEO of Formula E Holdings, was asked about the oil industry in one of the recent interview.  He basically responded by saying that he doesn't believe in the conspiracy theories.

Moreover, even if there was an attempt to kill electric cars, they would fail - "Oil lobby couldn't kill electric car if they tried"

Well, Agag's opinion seems reasonable to us, though from time to time those with conflicting interests probably will give us a hard time.  We'll prevail.  Electric cars will prevail.  We're not concerned.

"Environmentalists have been trying to replace combustion engines for years, and while electric cars have been heralded as a viable green alternative, the technology has been slow to develop. What’s standing in the way of the mass adoption of electric cars, and can an electric race car championship shock the competition into innovating the car of the future? Oksana Boiko is joined by the CEO of Formula E Holdings, Alejandro Agag, in this electrifying discussion."

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