"We've all seen how well my Tesla Model S P85D's "Insane" mode accelerates against supercars that aren't using their launch control. But how will it hold up against my Lamborghini Aventador when it engages "Thrust" mode?"

It's about to go down...

It's about to go down...

Oh well, can't win them all. Especially when the Tesla Model S P85D is up against a half-million dollar Lamborghini Aventador supercar, designed specifically for speed.

With both vehicles in their highest performance modes (Model S P85D's INSANE mode - Aventador's Thrust mode) the 5,000 lb Model S has an unbelievable launch, but the Aventador catches up and aggressively up-shifts away.

"Tesla Model S P85D and Lamborghini Aventador both have 700 hp, but the Tesla is much heavier. If you watch the video, the P85D manages to accelerate without any wheelspin. This allows the Tesla to get the jump yet again on the Lamborghini, but this time for only a brief second or two. Both cars accelerated at the same exact time.

Each time we activated Thrust Mode in the Aventador, there was wheelspin before gripping fully. We tried it in different times of day, and different weather and temperature and roads. There was always a little bit of wheelspin in the beginning. Thrust mode requires us to turn off ESP and Traction Control..

But it also put us in Corsa mode (we used Sport mode in the original video). In Corsa mode, gear shifts are reduced down to 50 ms (almost like a F1 car). You can really tell the difference between this video and the original one.

We didn't have this problem with the Tesla at all. Every time we tried Insane Mode, it delivered without any wheelspin. Also we didn't have to wait for the car to build up revs or turn off any safety features.

The sensation: The Tesla still feels like it's giving us more G-forces from the start than the Lamborghini does. The Lamborghini gets to 60 faster (around 3 seconds) and to 110 faster (around 7 seconds), but the acceleration has to build up with each gear change. The Tesla starts off with a very fast acceleration and then dies down. They are two different sensations. Both are still pretty insane in their own way."

This was not the first time these two vehicles were pitted head to head. This older race video is without the Aventador using Thrust mode.

Editor’s Note: High speed driving and/or rapid acceleration is strongly suggested to be conducted only on the race track. Not on public roads.

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