Current Smart Fortwo ED

Current Smart Fortwo ED

We all know that it's smart to switch to electric drive, but how smart are smart customers in the US?

According to data gathered by InsideEVs, it seems that about 20-25% of all smart fortwos sold in the past 27 months were smart fortwo electric drive.

In 2013, it was 10% (923 units), but in 2014 that figure rose to nearly 25% (2,594 units). This year begins from 21.3% (326 units in three months).

The record stands at 41.3% in June 2014.

smart fortwo is one of the most appropriate cars to be electric, as it will typically spend almost its whole life in the city. We think that if Daimler cut its price just a little bit more than crossing 50% sales for the electric version would be possible.

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