It's a classic battle.  A trendy electric vehicle (and condo) owner wants to plug-in her car versus an HOA who enjoys Lawrence Welk reruns on PBS, and is afraid of any new technology,  who says no.

Oil and water.

But this time it is a little different.  In this case, the condo owner already has a dedicated plug, in an enclosed private garage; and the EV in question - a Nissan LEAF,  has already been purchased - for her mother, who lives in her house (I will be linking this story to my own child later).

The Nissan LEAF owner naturally has been denied use of the plug, despite offers to more than pay for any electrical charges to the HOA.

Not happy with the result, and out of options, she took the fight to the local news.

That is when ABC 10 crashes the next HOA meeting (with camera in hand) after being turned down an information request over the phone by HOA President Ted Batton, "I work for a living and don't answer HOA questions during my work day."

The live action goodness doesn't disappoint.  And while there has yet to be resolution to the situation, we can say that the HOA president has been removed from his position since the incident.

ABC 10 News, Hat tip to offib!

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