Nissan Leaf 649.7 miles road trip

Nissan Leaf 649.7 miles road trip

Jonathan Porterfield, one of the Nissan LEAF owners in UK, took a 649.7-mile (some 1,045 km) road trip on the 1st to the 3rd of April.

To reach his destination, Jonathan tried to use public DC fast chargers, mostly installed by Ecotricity.

As it turns out, despite a relatively good charging infrastructure (UK has the most CHAdeMO chargers in Europe), there are problems. Some DC fast chargers didn't work, so the only way to charge was on AC and then drive to the next nearest DC. There are some problems with RFID access cards too.

In general it was a tiresome experience, but doable. Still, a lot must be done to achieve much needed reliability.

"Nissan Leaf 649.7 miles road trip on the 1st to the 3rd April 2015 using Rapid Chargers in the UK

The highs and the lows of the Rapid charging network in the UK , id say its 80% there, but after 4 years of the Leaf and 5 years with the I- meiv in the UK it should be 100% trouble free by now !"

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