Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

"Saying the Tesla Model S P85D is one of the best electric cars available is in fact doing it a disservice. With its great range, phenomenal interior, crazy amounts of power and a suite of driver-assist systems, the P85D is actually one of the best cars in the world. Period." -Edmunds.

Okay, we can stop there.  Are there really any stronger words of praise?

Edmunds graded the Model S in 5 categories: Performance, Comfort, Interior, Value, & Fun to Drive. Each category has multiple sub-categories.

This one in particular caught our attention:

We would like to correct an error (actually, it's something changed literally right after this Edmunds' report was released): The Model S now has a standard 8-year / unlimited mile warranty on both the battery pack & drive unit.

Additionally, you do not have to purchase a service plan.  With the Model S, you can annually bring it in for service for $600.

And remember, this is the same Edmunds that had so many issues/complains with their early build Model S.  Looks like Tesla has solved those problems.

Click here to read Edmunds' full report.

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