Siemens QC24S 24 kW charger

Siemens QC24S 24 kW charger

Siemens unveiled a new DC charger QC24S at the GreenFleet Scotland event.

It's a single-phase, 24 kW wall-mounted charger, which can be ordered with CCS or CHAdeMO plug. The device itself comes from Efacec.

For cars like Nissan LEAF, charging time would be around one hour for full charge, maybe less if batteries aren't depleted.

The main advantage is size and lower price compared to the full size 40-50 kW chargers. Price wasn't disclosed.

There are also other features for monitoring the station:

"Alongside the small wall-mounted footprint, the new charging station comes with optional cloud-based technology which should make it easier for large charging providers to keep track of a charging station’s current status and health remotely, and even offers a new loop-detector circuit that enables a charging station to know when someone is parked in the charging bay — even if it’s not being used."

Source: TransportEvolved

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