"Bicycle runs a red light at S 9th Street and Snyder Avenue in Philadelphia PA, then gets hit by a Nissan LEAF."

States the video description.

These bicycle/car incidents are all too common, which makes a vehicle's pedestrian safety score all the more important.

The LEAF scores 65% in pedestrian safety, which is mid-pack among plug-in vehicles.

Would a greater/different audible sound warning have made any difference? We think not in this case, but the discussion of what is necessary and what is not (if at all) is still a hot topic in many countries around the world.

Most importantly, injuries must have been relatively minor:

"The bicyclist walked away from Philadelphia EMS personnel."

And the "driver was cleared of any wrong doing."

Euro NCAP LEAF Pedestrian Safety Rating

Euro NCAP LEAF Pedestrian Safety Rating

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