"So it's been two years since my initial Nissan Leaf review I made just after leasing the car. This video talks about some of my experiences with the car, my overall feelings about the car and all electric cars in general, and the reasons that I'm turning in the car back to Nissan and don't plan on getting another one." - Video description.

Everyone has different experiences with an EV, especially in different areas . However, this one in particular caught our attention.

Georgia resident mrjeremyblaylock, who leased a Nissan LEAF, is on his way back to the Nissan dealership to return it, as it is the end of his two-year term.

Throughout the entire 25-minute video above, he explains how he feels about the Nissan LEAF, and why he will never get another one…

Since there is quite a bit to talk about as to why he feels this way, it is best to listen to the video to understand his opinions.

We respect his opinion on this matter, though we feel this may help raise awareness on not only the charging infrastructure, but also on the need for EVs to have range of well over 85 miles.

This ~ 85 mile number does not appear to be a real world figure under most conditions. Use of accessories and climate system are likely to eat quite a bit of range, which is part of what the problem is.  Battery degradation over time is an issue too.

Even though most people do not need more than 85 miles of range on a daily basis, just about everyone wants more range, which is absolutely understandable.

The only EV that can deliver on range is the Tesla Model S, which blaylock briefly mentions in the video.

After watching the video, what are your thoughts on this matter?

Update:  Adding (below) Jeremy's original video and take on his Nissan LEAF when he first took possession two years ago (hat tip to Josh!)