Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric

Ford, from the beginning, supported the Combined Charging Standard (one inlet with entry for AC and DC charging) along with Chrysler and General Motors in US and the German brands in Europe (in fact, there are two versions of Combo plugs, one for each side of the Atlantic Ocean).

But despite Ford opting for Combo over CHAdeMO for DC charging, the automaker never introduced a vehicle with such a solution even as an option. Two years ago, Ford stated that it would make Combo available later.

Not to long ago, we came across a photo of a Ford Focus Electric prototype with a DC fast charging inlet (Combo, of course).

It seems that this is a vehicle for the experimental project in Dearborn, Michigan, combining electric cars, car sharing and fast charging.

"Mobility Experiment: Rapid Recharge & Share, Dearborn

Fact Sheet: Rapid Recharge and Share

Electric vehicles would be beneficial as urban shared vehicles because they have lower operating costs and can be “refueled” in their parking space. But if a shared car is consistently being driven, it needs time to charge. Ford is investigating a partnership with a retail or fast-food business to develop a fast-charging infrastructure, making electric vehicles practical choices for car-sharing. The goal is to make electric vehicles easier to use, because when more people choose to drive one, everyone benefits from lower carbon emissions.

The Experiment

Develop a charging station that can quickly recharge electric vehicles, making them a practical choice for car-sharing."

Interesting is that Ford can produce and sell Focus Electrics with DC fast charging, but isn't doing so.  Meanwhile, the goal of the project is to development a DC charging station, which could instead be bought from one of the various charging station manufacturers.

Hat tip to Alan C!

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