Ford Fusion Energi sales in US – January 2015

Ford Fusion Energi sales in US – January 2015

Ford has step-by-step been slightly lowering prices of its hybrid cars. After a $1,200 cut for C-Max Hybrid and Hybrid Energi in September, now it's the Fusion's turn.

The 2016 Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi SE, which will arrive in late 2015, gets $900 in price cuts.

For the Energi it's the right time to do something since sales were down over the last five months year-over-year.

"The 2016 Fusion Hybrid S will start at $25,675 (down from $26,575, a 3.39% cut), excluding destination charge. The 2016 Fusion Energi SE Luxury will start at $33,900 (reduced from $34,800, a 2.59% drop). Gas model Fusions are excluded."

For 2016, Fusion Energi SE will get new a driving mode called EcoSelect to improve fuel economy by lowering heating/cooling power, acceleration and increasing regenerative braking power.

Source: Cars Direct via Green Car Reports

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