With the news that the insanely powerful whupp-ass very successful Voltron team launched a new site featuring a growing collection of videos, photos and race reports (and awesome photo-bombing, shown here), we are getting reports that the grid has grown to at least 6 bikes, and will host some stiff competition.  Here's the schedule, starting with the race in mid-May, electric shown in bold:

2015 Australasian Superbike Championship

  • Rnd 1.         27th - 29th March Sydney Motorsport Park (NSW) GP Circuit 3.93Km
  • Rnd 2.         15th - 17th May Mallala International Raceway  (SA) eFXC Rd1 (Electric)
  • Rnd 3.         26th - 28th June Sydney Motorsport Park  (NSW) GP Circuit 3.93Km eFXC Rd2
  • Rnd 4.         14th - 16th August Queensland Raceway (Qld) eFXC Rd3
  • Rnd 5.         25th - 27th September Wakefield Park Raceway  (NSW) eFXC Rd4
  • Rnd 6.         23rd - 25th October Winton International Raceway  (Vic) eFXC Rd5
  • Rnd 7.         4th - 6th December Sydney Motorsport Park  (NSW) - Series Finale GP Circuit 3.93Km eFXC Rd6
Here's our report from our spies, on who-all will be there:

Danny Potage on Voltron Evo

Daniel Ripperton on his Ripperton R1 David Hiley on his Zero SR (although perhaps not the SA, QLD or VIC rounds) Possibly going to see Simon Galloway on the Elmofo Brammo TTX Jason Morris on one of the Varley bikes

Not sure who on the other one. Was Mario Pin last time.

Apparently Catavolt had to bow out this year...

<a href=Team Voltron, with Luke Pottage, mad photobomb skills. Photo via Business News Weekly, Perth" draggable="false">

Team Voltron, with Luke Pottage, mad photobomb skills. Photo via Business News Weekly, Perth

Yes.  There's video.  "Dr. Chris Jones", indeed.  As in "Dr. of Mad Fast Crazeee Electric Motorcycles" *?

*ed. note:  It has come to our attention that Jones is, in fact, in the possession of some manner of credentials of advanced study of some sort.  Oh yes.  Plants or something.  He's also Vice President of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) and Chairman of the AEVA Perth Branch.  OK, fine. 

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