Still Of Recent Tesla Gigfactory Video Progress

Still Of Recent Tesla Gigfactory Video Progress

Tesla is reportedly ahead of schedule on site work at the Gigafactory.

Per Nikkei:

"A battery plant that Tesla Motors is building with Panasonic in the U.S. state of Nevada will begin operations in 2016, earlier than initially planned, a Tesla official said here Friday."

"The plant's launch will be accelerated to bring down production costs through economies of scale, said Kurt Kelty, who oversees battery technologies at Tesla."

If Tesla can get the Gigactory open in 2016, then there's still an outside chance the Model 3 could launch in 2017.

Nikkei adds:

"Plans call for getting domestic and foreign parts and materials suppliers to build production facilities on the grounds. Tesla has made progress in selecting suppliers, according to Kelty."

Source: Nikkei

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