Image Via Dr. Staten Medsker, Jr.

Image Via Dr. Staten Medsker, Jr.

US Bank meet Tesla Model S.

The Model S wins in this collision, as it easily gain entry into the bank by crashing through the brick wall.

Here's how Komo News reports on this unlikely incident:

"Nobody was injured Sunday morning when a US Bank customer accidentally crashed their Tesla into an Issaquah bank."

"The Tesla driver, who has not been identified, was trying to use an ATM at the US Bank on Gillman Road at about 9 a.m. when something went wrong and the car jumped the curb and crashed through a brick wall, according to Marty Martin with the Issaquah Police Department."

This is at least the third time we've heard of a Model S smashing into a building.  7 months ago, a Model S drove inside a sushi restaurant after knocking down its exterior wall.  2 years ago, a Model S made entry into Lure Fish House after busting down its outside wall.

To the best of our knowledge, none of the incidents were the fault of the car.

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