Nottingham Electric City

Nottingham Electric City

BYD announced "a potential game changer" as the company received a purchase contract for 13 electric buses (12m long) to Nottingham City Council (NCC), along with associated charging equipment.

What's special about Nottingham, UK? Well, Nottingham is the electric city with largest fleet of 45 electric buses in Europe and for any manufacturer it would be smart to add Nottingham to the portfolio.

Delivery of BYDs is expected in late 2015.

"The bus purchase has been facilitated by a £1.4m grant from the DfT Green Bus Fund. The remaining funds of £2.1m have been raised via the NCC Workplace Parking Levy. This builds on the existing fleet of 45 electric buses and expanding tram project within the city of Nottingham. NCC is working in partnership across Greater Nottingham to encourage all modes of transport - buses, taxis, trams, bikes and cars - to move onto a sustainable electric platform, with more power generated locally via waste incineration and PV panels.

In the multi million pound purchase contract, BYD, which plans to deliver the vehicles in late 2015, is providing a five-year warranty on its proven power train components based on the company’s renowned Iron-Phosphate battery technology. BYD is the biggest producer of pure electric buses in the world and its 12m ebus has been trialled in 42 major European cities. Operators have experienced considerable operating cost benefits thanks to the lower price of electricity versus diesel.

The buses for Nottingham City Council will arrive with a comprehensive service support package which includes training for drivers and maintenance engineers."

Jane Urquhart, Nottingham City Council Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation, said the electric buses already operating in the city have helped to reduce noise and improve air quality:

“As a council we are committed to providing sustainable transport solutions, more electric buses will mean reduced operating costs and deliver clear environmental and health benefits when compared to operating traditional diesel powered buses."

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director, BYD Europe said:

“This purchase order is a potential game changer for BYD. Nottingham is recognized as being at the forefront of innovative public transport solutions and has prior experience operating electric buses from other manufacturers. The fact that Nottingham City Council has now selected our ebuses after a comprehensive evaluation programme involving a variety of competitors is highly significant. We are expecting that other major operators will follow Nottingham’s lead."

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