BMW i3 Gets CHAdeMO Charged In Japan

BMW i3 Gets CHAdeMO Charged In Japan

Does it qualify for free Prime shipping?

Probably not, but starting in early April, Amazon Japan ( made available the BMW i3.

According to BMW, the reason for selling the i3 through Amazon is to find more buyers in Japan, where i3 sales have struggled.

BMW states:

"We have 46 dealers (that sell the i3) in Japan, but we hope this e-selling will cover the entire market more thoroughly."

"This will widen the sales channel and improve convenience for customers."

"So many people are using the website. We would like to research potential customer groups who may be interested in our products."

Both the BEV and REx versions of the i3 are offered on Amazon, but one-click buying isn't possible.  After loading the i3 into your cart, buyers receive a phone call from BMW to verify that they've got a place to both park and charge the car.

You can check out the i3 on Amazon here.

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