World first?  Yes, we believe so.

Here's the headline:

EMotorWerks Unveils JuiceBox ATM

And the details:

Electric Motor Werks has partnered with OhmConnect to bring you the simplest and most engaging EV charging experience possible. Today, we're excited to announce a new product, which underscores our commitment to this market - JuiceBox ATM. This new product offering is the culmination of our efforts to revolutionize the industry. It marks an important milestone in the advancement of EV integration into our everyday lives.

Our JuiceBox Classic and JuiceBox Pro customers are already enjoying the benefits of home fueling. Many of them have expressed the need for an integrated ATM, which would result in a significantly enhanced charging experience. In addition to the freedom of never having to make a trip to a gas station, JuiceBox ATM customers will not have to make an ATM run either.

We are looking forward to expanding the network of smart charging stations, now with ATM functionality, throughout the nation.

Unfortunately, there's no info on pricing at this time.  And with today being April 1, we suspect we'll never find out how much this unit costs.

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