This is the "incredible Longer Yuelang X1," states Car News China.

Incredible in that it's designed to sort of copy a Range Rover, yet fail miserably in resembling the iconic SUV.

Here's how Car News China describes this electric car's likeness to a Range Rover:

"...a new low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) from China, seen last week on the Shandong EV Expo (intro) in Jinan City. The Longer yuelang X1 is a mini-mini SUV featuring a Range Rover style bonnet, grille, and bumper. Even the font for ‘Range’ is very Range Rover."

"Air vents are fake, just like on the real thing. Range Rover is popular in China, just check Landwind, and several other LSEV makers on the show had also models inspired by the iconic British-Indian brand, but the Longer Yuelang X1 was the best."

The Chinese news outlet adds this rather confusing description of how Longer came to be:

"The Longer Yuelang X1 is manufactured by a joint venture of two rather misty companies: Hebei Cook Electric Vehicle Corporation of Hebei Province, and Jiangsu New Grant New Energy Technology Corporation of Jiangsu Province. Only the latter has some sort of a website. The Longer brand, Langdai in Chinese, also called Langte in English, not to be confused with, is brand new and doesn’t have a website yet."

And lastly, some specs:

"Happily, Longer did provide a brochure with specifications and they also had a spec sheet standing on the roof of the car. So we know that the Longer Yuelang X1 is powered by a 3Kw electric motor mated to a lead-acid battery. Top speed is 50 kilometer per hour and range is 120 kilometer. Size: 3100/1500/1600, wheelbase is 1200 and weight is 600 kilo. Price for all this pretty starts at a rather steep 28.000 yuan or 4510 USD."

Looks and seems to be complete junk, but hey it says Range Rover and Land Rover so it's got that going for it.

Source: Car News China

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