In 2014, Nissan LEAF became the first to cross the mark of 30,000 sales of all-electric cars in the U.S. in one year.

Now, as 2015 is just beginning, we sit down and take a look at how the sales results for LEAF developed since December 2010.

From the lowest sales in December 2010 (19 units), to the highest in May of 2014 (3,186), the LEAF has reached as high as 5% of all Nissan passenger car sales. For December, it was 4.7%, while on average in 2014 it was 3.9%.

38% was the average growth of monthly LEAF sales (year-over-year) during the second half of this year.

*UPDATE: Market share data add to sales infographic.

U.S. - Nissan LEAF Sales Card - December 2014

U.S. - Nissan LEAF Sales Card - December 2014

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