TIME checks out the BMW i8 and offers up its opinion on this futuristic Plug-In.

TIME concludes that the i8 is worth its starting price of ~ $137,000.

Really? How can it be worth that price?  TIME says it's incredible looks, quickness, handling, etc., coupled with its low fuel consumption, put the i8 in a league of its own, thus making it worth its high price simply because there's nothing else out there like it.

Additional BMW i8 specs here

Do you think that the i8 is a bargain at ~ $137,000?  Can we consider any car a bargain with a price over $100,000?

We should point out that getting an i8 for that ~ $137,000 price is not easy.  You'll likely find mark ups like this and even this insane premium at over $230,000.  Oh, wait times are approaching forever too.

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