"Thought I'd try out the new Thermal Camera on the Model S. Got a Interesting idea, the Model S has excessive tire ware in the rear, why not "SEE" it! And that I did. You can clearly see, the inner toe much warmer (Though the reading wont show it), and that is exactly where the tire ware is. Notice the fronts, fairly nice and even! Too bad the rears aren't adjustable. That Negative camber is TIRE MURDER!"

Being a heavy car, the Tesla Model S will be tough on tires, but the negative camber in the rear (non-adjustable) simply kills the inside of the rear tires.  In fact, it's not uncommon for the rear Model S tires to need replacement in less than 10,000 miles (and this has nothing to do with wheelspin or burnouts).

YouTuber Kman Auto examines the Tesla Model S' tire temperatures via a thermal camera and notices that the inner portion of the rear tires are considerably hotter than the center or out sections.  This heat contributes to wear.

Meanwhile, the front tires display a more even heat pattern.

If the negative camber could be reduced in the rear, the wear would be more even across the tire.

Here's a sample image of a Model S rear tire in dire need of replacement at just under 10,000 miles.

Tesla Model S Rear Tire

Tesla Model S Rear Tire

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