Via Ultimate Motorcycling, we get a little 25-mile ride review of the Lito Sora we covered a few months ago:

"We rode the bike for about 25 miles, starting on The Snake, a famous section of tarmac west of the equally well-known Rock Store in the Santa Monica Mountains. This is a wonderful place to find out how any bike works in just over two miles. It has everything from tight, low-speed hairpin turns to short high-speed straights, and lots of hard braking action. The Sora was well mannered through this gauntlet."

With a beefy chassis, and some fairly conservative power cutback controls and battery thermal issues, our impression is a little less on the side of awesome sport bike and more favoring mellow cruiser.

"When pushed to full lean... the Sora does run out of clearance, scraping the kickstand on the left and footpeg on the right. This, however, should not interfere with fast cruising.

We were told the electronics would govern hard acceleration until around 30 mph, so as to not be overwhelming. We really did not experience any extra hit after 30, as the bike accelerated smoothly, commensurate with the relatively modestly claimed 66 ft/lbs of torque. Regeneration drag—the act of engine braking that also charges the batteries as the bike slows—is high and not adjustable.

During our ride, we pinned the throttle and twice ran the Sora up to 85 mph. Then, upon reaching an uphill section of road, the computer cut maximum power to about 35-percent. Eventually full power was restored."

Well worth the read, however a little underwhelming.  The bike is clearly uniquely styled, and equipped with a CVT transmission, an engineering concept in its own class, but a bike we're going to have to just wait and try ourselves before we make up our minds how successful it is.

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