The whole point of this BMW i3 teardown by Munro & Associates is to thoroughly understand the i3 and then to sell Munro's "Master Report" for nearly $500,000 to interested parties.

The teardown is extremely interesting, especially this battery pack episode, but Munro's goal to profit is questionable.

Looking past the for-profit idea, this is one of the first detailed looks inside that battery pack that powers the BMW i3.

If you can overlook the buy-our-report pitch, you'll actually discover quite a bit of valuable information on the i3's battery.  Just ignore the first 40 seconds of the video and the last 30 seconds or so, unless you're actually interested in buying the uber-expensive report or hearing talk of how Munro & Associates outdoes everyone else in the reverse-engineering industry.

Just for fun, maybe someone wants to count the number of times "Munro & Associates" is stated during the video.

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