Tesla Model S In China

Tesla Model S In China

In an effort to increase lower-than-expected Model S sales in China, the automaker has officially announced that it'll offer Model S buyers a free home charger (install included).

This announcement comes via Tesla's newly appointed China President Zhu Xiatong, who hopes to turn around Tesla's unsuccessful entry into the Chinese market.

It appears as though Tesla will install these free home chargers for all current Model S owners and for those who purchase a Model S between now and the end of 2015.

Tesla believes that low sales in China can be linked to a few things:

  • Lack of a charging infrastructure
  • Concerns over vehicle range
  • Tesla is not a known name
Tesla says that it's working to address all three of these issue, starting with infrastructure, which in China can be tricky due to the fact that there's a lot of shared parking since the majority of the Chinese who reside in or near major cities often live in multi-unit dwellings.

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