Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Valentine's Day is this weekend, so don't waste this brief window of opportunity to break up.

Nissan Europe proposes that we start with a break up from petrol cars and fall in love instead with electric. If you drive diesel, you're welcome to break up too.

"The hardest words to say or hear on Valentine’s Day are “this relationship isn’t working.”

But according to Facebook and Twitter, that’s what a lot of people are thinking! Shocking but true: around Valentine’s is the most common time for people to mention “break up” in their status update. And at the same time of year, Twitter shows #single trending like crazy.

So at Nissan, this year’s Valentine’s is not about hearts and flowers. This year we have a message for everyone who is thinking about, or who has ever thought about ‘moving on’: “We know how hard it is, but we’ve got your back!”

Because although nothing is harder than breaking up with someone, thanks to our range of electric vehicles, nothing will be easier than breaking up with your petrol car this year.

Happy Valentine's Day #ElectrifyYourLove #NissanElectric"