There are lots of discussions on how electric motors are simply more efficient at turning stored energy to power than gas motors, right?  Here's a project that demonstrates it visually.

This guy, David Robert, put together a V8 motor, but instead of using cylinders and pistons to drive the crankshaft he used eight solenoids.  They are simply converting current to a magnetic field, and pushing the crankshaft on its merry way. Somehow, using electricity to make a V8 go demonstrates the incredible complexity, as well as inefficiency, of the machine better than anything else we've seen.

We're not even going to talk about the losses of the combustion process.  Do we even need to?

Have a look:

Our first impression is there are so many moving parts, right? All those parts are doing is to convert electric power to mechanical power, which an electric motor does as simply as this:

Hats off to Mr. Roberts for some amazing work and a great demonstration as well! (To "Randy C" too - glad it makes the grandkids happy!)

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