Renault ZOE ended the year 2014 on a high in France with a new all-time record of 1,182 registrations in December.

Overall, the number of registrations in 2014 reached 5,970, so ZOE managed to improve over last year's result by 8.3% and take 0.3% share of all new passenger cars sold in France in 2014.

"The ZOE made headway in the electric vehicle market in 2014 (up 8.3%) and sales were buoyed by a sharp pick-up in the last four months of the year. The ZOE has recorded close to 6,000 registrations in 2014 and accounted for 56.5% of electric passenger car sales in France."

All those numbers don't include the 226 ZOEs registered as light commercial vehicles.

For more data, please take a look on our new infographic card:

France - Renault ZOE Registrations Card - December 2014

France - Renault ZOE Registrations Card - December 2014

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